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Daniel F. Heitzman

Daniel F. Heitzman, 1970 Businessman, General Campaign Chairman

Daniel F. Heintzman, a retired executive, has actively supported the mission and vision of Sigma Alpha Epsilon ever since he first came to North Dakota State University in the late 1960s. After graduating as valedictorian in his class at Bismarck High School in 1966, Daniel attended Bismarck Junior College for two years before transferring to North Dakota State University in Fargo. During his college career, Daniel joined SAE, where he was kitchen manager in 1969, Little Sister Chairman in 1970 and a “house mother “ in 1971. He graduated from NDSU with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in 1970 then returned to his alma mater to get a master’s in industrial engineering with a minor in finance. 


During a 26-year career at AT&T, Daniel worked as an engineer, technical consultant, sales manager and emerging markets manager. He later worked as vice president of Operations, AT&T Channel, for Business Integrations Systems, Inc., and vice president of sales for Pando Technologies. Daniel retired in 2006. He always maintained close ties with SAE. He has organized the annual NDSU Homecoming SAE dinner for those in the 1968-1970 pledge classes for more than 30 years. Daniel was one of the initial 2005 ND Beta House Renovation chairmen, organizing 1970s’ pledge class captains and personally collecting many pledges. He is also an active member of the ND Beta Alumni Association, current member of the National SAE Founders’ Society and was appointed to the National Extension Advisory Committee by ESA

J. Michael Scarborough in 2006. He is a current donor to the SAE True Gentleman campaign as well as the general campaign chairman.

David Maring, an SAE brother who has known Daniel since his college days, had this to say about him: “Dan embodies what it means to be in the brotherhood of SAE. He loves the fraternity and what it stands for. Not unexpectedly, Dan was very active in the SAE House while at NDSU. What is more amazing is the time and effort he has devoted to SAE over the last 40-plus years since his graduation. Dan stays in regular contact with a large number of his brothers and is an enthusiastic cheerleader for all things SAE. He works tirelessly when called upon to help the House–a recent ex-ample being his acceptance of the position of Chair of the General “Be True" Campaign.


Daniel’s other affiliations and accomplishments include belonging to the NDSU Industrial Engineering Honor Society, being named to the AT&T Leaders’ Council (representing the top 1% of sales people in the nation) for three years, and being named Top AT&T Channel Agent in 2001. He helped form the first Parents Teachers Organization at Bloomington Jefferson High School in 1994, coached many sports for the Bloomington Athletic Association and is the current scholarship chairman for the Bloomington Born Again Jocks, which annually awards scholarships to deserving senior student athletes. He is also a member of NDSU’s President’s Bronze Medallion Society and served for many years on the NDSU Alumni Association Board, for which he’s still an Emeritus member. Daniel and his wife, Wanda (Wasche), have two children and live in Bloomington, Minn. His hobbies and interest range from USTA tennis, BAJ softball, volleyball and biking to dining out, movies, reading and traveling to Florida to visit their grandsons.

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